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Brett and Danielle Bohlmann Brett and Danielle Bohlmann

In 2003, Brett began his career in the automotive industry as an automotive technician. Over the years, Brett began to acquire top notch experience and a love of automobiles but more of a passion for learning in the entire automotive industry. In 2010, Brett had an urge to start and open Hwy 7 Service Center with the goal of always exceeding the customer’s expectations. Oil definately pumps in his veins as automotive knowledge, skill, and work ethic radiate from his actions and words. However, the fuel for the fire comes from his family at home and the community that has become a large family too.

Danielle Bohlmann began her working career as a Cosmetologist. Hair design was a passion for her and something that she enjoyed to do as she walked in her mother’s footsteps. In 2006 she met Brett through her brother who both worked together at the local car dealership. As you can tell, automotive had treated Brett well from an early beginning as it was how he met Danielle and later married her. As Hwy 7 Service Center grew so did the demand for help. Danielle now is a stay at home mom and spends good quality time with their three kids Adrian, Jaxson, and Bennett. She also has taken on the role of book keeping at Hwy 7 Service Center a job that has enabled her to spend more time with her family which is her true passion.