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Wheel Alignment Newell, IA

Are you sure your wheels are aligned? There are several reasons to have the alignment of your wheels checked on a semi-regular basis especially if you regularly drive on uneven roads or recently encountered a road hazard you couldn't avoid such as a pothole.

Wheel alignment can be one of the most important factors to the life of your tires which can be a big investment in today's world. Your wheels' alignment is important and that is why Hwy 7 Service Center has invested in the state-of-the-art alignment equipment giving us the ability to perform alignments to the highest standards. And because Hwy 7 Service believes in preventative maintenance and repairs, an alignment check is performed free every 15k miles on your vehicle to ensure your tires greatest potential.

You might have an issue with your wheel alignment and not even know it. When you think you need an alignment it may be too late. Sometimes alignments can be off but the vehicle still drives straight while still wearing your tires and ultimately ruining them. We can quickly diagnose the issue and correct it. We aim to make all of our automotive maintenance and services as quick and easy as possible. That is why when you need a wheel alignment after hitting or dropping off a curb or pothole, give us a call. We can quickly align your wheels and have you back on the road driving straight as an arrow before you know it.

There are several reasons why your wheels can become misaligned. Even normal use of your vehicle can cause misalignment in your wheels over time. Drifting while attempting to drive straight is one of the more prominent symptoms of misalignment but excessive vibrations at higher speeds could also be a symptom of misaligned or unbalanced wheels.

Wheel Balancing Newell, IA

Maybe you've experienced an excessive amount of vibration at various speeds on the highway? If that's the case then your wheels could be out of balance, unbalanced wheels and misaligned wheels can often be confused. Here at Hwy 7 Service Center we will make sure to correctly diagnose any issue you and your vehicle may be experiencing.

Even an missing ounce is enough to cause a noticeable shake at higher speeds. It is possible your wheel assembly can be rebalanced with lead weights attached to the rims. This helps redistribute road contact between all four of your wheels. Otherwise one or more of your wheels can be forced to carry a majority of the burden and significantly shorten the life of your tires.

When you are concerned that your wheels might be out of balance, be sure to check in with us and we'll be happy to help you out in Newell, IA. Come by our shop, give us a ring or schedule an appointment online for a day and time that is convenient for you.

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